Wednesday, October 13, 2010

27 Sep 2010

Hey C!
Whats up? Getting your wisdom teeth out isn´t that bad, the only bad thing is that you have to eat pudding and stuff for a couple of days(I ate normal food when no one was looking hehe, I just ate really slow.)

You are so lucky that you got to go to the temple! I miss the temple so much, but I heard that we get to go soon, in like November.

This week was pretty good, I have been halfway sick all winter long, so I kept that up this week, but we did have 6 investigators in church. We played soccer with these kids in the church and we got 5 investigators there once! 5 punk kids came into the church to play with the missionaries it was the best.
love ya
elder B

Hey mama!

This week we passed by Carlos a few times, just to be with him for a bit. the poor guy is soooo depressed, I kinda understand what he is going through, I was a little bit emo every winter time back home. He just sits there all daylong, alone in his house, and then when his wife gets home she is usually frustrated about work and stuff, he never really talks that much, but bursts into tears super easily. We are becoming great friends with his cat, Kathy Lorena. Lorena is the name I gave her when I was trying to distract him.

KM is such a cool kid! Their whole family is cool.
Also the F family that's way cool that S and Z are buds now, Z is a good kid, but the two of them would be crazy.

S walked all the way home!?!?!?!?! that is super far! how does the G high school work? do the kiddos like it? how is Mr. S treating C? gosh I miss that guy. I loved entrepreneur. high school was the best ever.

I am definitely going to be a cycle geek after I get home, its a goal of mine. I checked my weight recently and I was at less than when I left so I think fat boy days are gone :)

Well, i love you mom
elder B

Hey Dad,
I miss having your homemade bread every Sunday, that was the best. People always have bread here, but its always just stuff they buy from the little almacens, or markets that are on almost every street corner. its good bread, but its not fresh.

Freaking Boise state. What dorks. their stupid field. the beavs will pick up their momentum, they always start out slow.

Well our week was alright, we found three new investigators! In most areas, a week with only three news sucks, but here, I was pretty proud of it. I did one of my favorite contacts of all time last Pday... we were chillin at the house of these other missionaries and we had to go to the almacen to buy food. In most almacens there are slot machines (haha, ¨my son is into the sluts...¨ name that movie) and while the other elder was buying I sat next to this lady who was gambling and just started talking to her... I was like, you lucky today? She was like, kinda. then we talked about the church for a couple minutes, but here's the catch. I was in basketball shorts and a sweatshirt, with my nerdy 3D glasses that I got in a package on. But it was awesome!!!

I love you dude, good luck finding C a job, I hated job searching...
Elder Barry

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