Wednesday, October 13, 2010

11 Oct 2010

That is extraodrinary! go beavs!

My district is way awesome! The hermanas are pretty cool. also, there are 4 of them. One pair of them we share a ward with so we see them all the time, the other ones are like 30 minutes away. This town, san jose, is ittybitty. the center of the town is like a mini 33, but with an outdoor mall, a lot like the outlet mall, just without the rain covering. There was almost no work at all when I got here. We do have one kid named T who is going to get baptized the 23rd. He has lisdexia so bad that he can't even read, but he is super excited. He is 14 years old and wants to help us out all the time. He has already come with us to go tracting, and he isn't even baptized!

Other than him, they had zero steady investigators. But never fear, Barry is here, we found seven new investigators this week, some of them are iffy, but yeah baby! We got to church this Sunday and there was about 30 people there, and apparently that is a good week here. Sooo different, I am used to having a whole big chapel full like in Montevideo, but life is way different here in the country(and ps, there are no peaches anywhere to be found. what a ripoff!!!)

My comp is from Mississippi, he is rather southern. His spanish is worse than mine was when I left the mtc, but we are learning together. It is weird to be senior comp, I find myself talking all of the time, it is hard to know when he understands, and when he will even have something to say, I now know what my first two companions felt, I feel really sotrry about how stubborn I was back then. I see a lot of my young mission self in this kid, and all I've gotta say is that I am glad that I have grown up a little bit.

They are really splitting he stake!? Wowzers. that is nuts. Lots of things are different since I left.
So, I had a tiring week, but it was a lot of fun, making DL calls every night is a lot of fun, one of the hermanas is super funny and her comp only speaks Spanish so she just lets out all of her English humour over the phone to me, its hilarious. There is another set of missionaries in the district, two latinos, but they seem really awesome. we have not had district meeting yet, so we'll see.
love you.
elder b

Hey Mama
Being DL is the best. I get to call 3 companionships every night to see how their day was. I am supposed to ask for their numbers, which I totally hate doing, but I made it better, I ask for how many people they made laugh during the day. It is a tight rivalry between us and the hermanas for who gets more every day. It is super fun though.

We have 4 companionships, 2 elders and 2 hermanas. So far everyone seems really cool. The hermanas in our ward are awesome, we are planning an activity to go down to the plaza with people from the ward and have a big sign about the Book of Mormon, and hand out invitations and then the next day to watch a Joseph Smith movie in the church, it should be awesome.

Also, I have to run a district meeting every Tuesday morning(starting tomorrow). It should be good, I studied the stuff really well with my companion this morning. That is so cool about C and her friends! She sounds like a good missionary. And it is way awesome that you are friends with J, she sounds like a way cool person, thank you guys so much for helping the missionaries out.

San Jose is just a little city far away from everything, but technically it is part of the stake and zone Las Piedras, so i am back here, kinda.

Shoot, I gotta go. I love you mom.

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