Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 Oct Letters to the whole fam

Me and the beaner get along suuuper well, we are like best friends, but today I got switched. now I am with an elder named elder T. I haven´t met him yet. On hump day it is tradition to burn a shirt, and I have one old shirt that I don´t really wear, so I´ll send you guys the video of it.
doublñe bacon avacado burger sounds ridiculously good, lucky dog. Well have a great week S!!
love you
elder b

Hey D,

I´m glad you are great. Mrs. S is super cool. We did not do the 2 week book thing, sounds hard.
Good luck in high crap! I can´t believe you are so flipping old
elder b

Good Luck Alvin (C was swollen from wisdom teeth removal)
you are the best!!!!!!!!
love you

Hey mama
Conference was flipping the greatest ever!! I loved elder Bednars talk a ton, about really receiving the Holy Ghost, I put a star next to my notes for really good talks, then realized that almost every single talk had a star next to it. Guess I am going to be reading a lot from the November Liahona. That's so cool that you are helping an investigator, if i was a missionary there i would love you to death.

Today is change day and I saw F, remember the guy from my first area? and he said that you have to add him on facebook.

So, change calls came on Sunday night. I got transferred again. I go to Las Piedras, again. but I go to an area that is called san jose de mayo. My comp is a kid who has 2 changes less than me who is a gringo. Also, I am DISTRICT LEADER!!! Wow. that came from nowhere. I didn´t even have to go to the future leaders meeting. so I thought I wasn´t going to be a leader for at least 2 changes more. But here I go. senior comp and dl.

Its good to hear that the family is good. I love you and will talk to you next week.
elder barry

hahaha her cheeks are huge!!! President Uchtdorf had some amazing talks. I loved when he said, but some of you might be wondering, what does this have to do with airplanes? We died of laughter. Yeah we got to see it in the gringo room, and we had tables, so we bought a buttload of junkfood. the best ever!!

That's super cool C has a job interview. I hope she gets it. Then I can get cool sweaters for cheap.
Way to go Oregon Wtate! 145 yards, that's impressive.

Me and elder P are basically best friends, the work is a million times better when you get along well with your companion. These 6 weeks flew by. But now I got changed, sadly I have to go back to las Piedras. Sad because I leave, but happy because I am way stoked to be going out to san jose de mayo. As district leader. I am pretty nervous for that part, but it should be fun. I have another gringo, he sounds pretty cool. We share a ward with 2 sister missionaries, so it should be interesting to say the least.

I am pumped. I thought it was funny today, we had a leadership meeting and to start we sang "Be thou humble", super funnny!! Well I am in the bus station and I have to bounce.

love you tons!! say hi to the chipmunk for me!
elder Barry

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