Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 26, 2010

Hey mamma this week was alright. We walked a ton, like a ton. My comp has huuuuge blisters. Good thing I have good inserts... it’s funny that you talk about teaching, the zone goal is to convert yourself into a better teacher, we are all studying the Preach My Gospel lessons thoroughly.

I listened to that talk you sent me for my birthday the other day (The Missionary Next Door) and it was amazing, I am definitely going to use that stuff with members.

The weather here has been super-hot, this is going to be a long summer, but better this than wearing all of my clothes every day. That is crazy about the stake, but not different than I expected. I love President W. I wonder how D is doing, he dies soon,(that means he finishes his mission soon) wow, that makes me feel old.

I have the flippin best district ever, I love these kids. Could you send us materials to make tye dyes? Maybe as part of Christmas, that would be an awesome activity. Sorry, i have to go fast today, it is late.

I love you a lot mom.

Did you know the ducks are number 2? My comp gets weekly college football updates.


Elder Barry

Giants are going to the World Series!!!!!!

President W will be an amazing stake president, but watch out, he knows his stuff, you will lose a fight about doctrine with him.

Since when are the rangers good??? That came out of nowhere. Stupid Rangers.

Well this week I had the worst week numbers wise that I have had for the time I have been here. We only had 6 lessons with investigators all week long. Not because we didn´t work, but because we just couldn´t find anyone home. I think I walked more this week than I have walked some months. But I don´t feel like we failed this week, we have a baptism next Saturday, a 14 year old named T he is cool. If there is one thing he needs it is the church.

The district is doing great though. The hermanas in our ward are doing just about the same as us, but the other two areas are flying!!! Today we had an activity as a district and went to the zoo and played football and soccer, it was fun. Plus we jammed out singin and playing guitar. I learned the song I´m Yours by Jason Mraz, it’s a goodie you should look it up.

I heard that people celebrate Halloween here, but not a lot. I’ll probably wear an orange tie.

Our new apartment is nasty. It is old and falling apart, the shower head no longer has a head, and doesn´t hang, so we just have to hold it in our hand the whole time with a thin stream of water.

Being district leader is fun! Our last meeting went really well, and tomorrow, we are going to do practices most of the time. It’s hard to be in charge but my peeps are cool

I hope you guys have a great week, oh yeah, for Christmas I would like updated pictures (printing here is expensive!) of family and friends, and then candy, other than that I will have to think about. It’s hard to know what I want.

Love you dad

Elder B

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