Monday, April 11, 2011

11 April 2011

Hey fam. I can´t believe that Bishop W. was released! holy cow. I am really glad that my letter finally got to him. That was a long time coming. He was a great bishop I really love that guy. also T.A. will do a great job. hopefully bishop W will now get his dream calling in the primary.

Well S got baptized, it was an awesome service, her nonmember mom came so we watched the Restauración movie while they changed, my comp baptized her. Hardly any members came, but those who did really made it good.
One hermana who was supposed to give a talk about baptism couldn´t show, so I ended up giving the talk, it went alright, I wasn´t even scared or anything, being a missionary is a blessing, I had two scriptures I could just turn to and badabing I had a talk prepared. She is so golden though, she volunteered to give her testimony at the end of the service and she remembered both of our names and said that she was willing to always follow Christ. Super spiritual. its pretty amazing, because this week she told us that in high school she smoked pot. Her boyfriend said that he isn´t going to ever smoke any more because he knows he can´t keep the Spirit with him if he does. What a guy. this week we are going by and watching the Joseph Smith movie with them, should be pretty good.

As for your talk, Dad, talk about how members don´t always have to teach doctrine to be good missionaries, that is the missionaries job, but they need to be good members and not pharisees. Lots of people either leave the church or don´t get baptized thanks to the bad example of the members, but... many more get baptized because of the good example of great members. I like the cycling explanation.

That's cool that C was able to find an apartment, who is she going to be rooming with? I might have to do the same thing in October with elder P, I am kinda nervous we won´t find anything. No worries I could sleep in the streets, couldn´t be much worse than the apartments we have here.

This week me and elder G kicked butt. We had like a million lessons, found some new investigators, and still had time to clean out the nasty font for the baptism on Saturday. The water from last baptism hadn´t drained all the way and there was nasty brown stuff in the water at the bottom of the font. So I got in there with a broom and a bucket and had some fun,
luckily we had a window in the room so we just chucked the water out that window. Hopefully the pictures get to you. This week we don´t have any planned because no one was able to make it to church :´(, we were depressed, but we will work that depression out this week.

Thank you all for being great parents slash sisters slash brother, I am very thankful for being in our family.
Love you Elder B

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