Monday, April 11, 2011

4 April 2011

We got to be in the gringo room for this conference, but the stake president forbade us from eating during the sessions, I wanted to cry. But in the end it turned out to be one of the best conferences ever. I learned so much about how to better myself and what I need to do to prepare for the future. I loved the talk about to be and to do and the talk about being prepared to meet the Lord. I did a thing I had never done before, I drew a line down the middle of the paper and on the left side I wrote things they said and on the right things I felt, it was really great I sometimes even had more things I felt than things I heard. Then I heard in another talk an hermana lent me that you forget a big portion of what you learned if you don´t take notes, and then read them again within 24 hours after. So I did that for personal study yesterday and today. I took notes on my notes, it was really good and I was able to remember more and take it at my own pace this time. Plus we have been reading the chapters that Pres Uchtdorf asked us to read from the Doctrine and Covenants.

This week was pretty good for the work. S. the girlfriend of a member we are reactivating, or rather that he has reactivated himself, she has been going to church and her baptism is this Saturday. She went to 3 sessions of conference, wow. In between the sessions on Saturday we ate with them a little picanic at the stake center. It is really cool to have solid investigators. Also we have an investigator named N. who is way cool. Last week she went to church with 3 of her kids and her baby, and this week they accepted the date for the 23rd to be baptized, she smokes, so hopefully we can get her off that quick, but she is really interested and always has questions. I love it when people come to a lesson prepared with questions.

haha I loved banjo tooie, that was a blast. How did the big dance go? I decided to be a mariners fan when I get home, get some hometown loyalty going down.

Hey Dad I have a question, we are right next to the airport and we always see a bunch of planes fly over our heads, do you recognize any of these companies? TAM, Pluna, Aerolineas Argentina, or American airlines? Hopefully you recognize the last one haha. Sorry you have had to work so much, but I guess when you are important that's what happens.

The Burger King sign in Spanish means, english spanish or spanglish ask for it in your way, or have it your way I guess. What a clever choice for dinner Sam, classy.

Well I love you guys a ton.
Elder B

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