Monday, April 4, 2011

28 March 2011

This week was pretty cool, my new comp is a stud muffin. He reigns from American Fork Utah and went to the same high school as and Elder P. He speaks really well and has experience. We found nine new investigators and had a giant miracle in church. We had 7 investigators come to sacrament. It was really cool because this one lady we found this week, N, showed up right as sacrament was about to start with three kids and her baby. That was a huge miracle. we have a lesson with her today. It almost never happens that someone comes to church the same week that you find them. Also we had this lady who has come for the last three weeks to church and yesterday she asked us what she has to do to be a member of the church, hello golden investigator. Unfortunately, we have not been able to talk to her in her house yet. This last week we passed by and set an appointment with her, but then she wasn´t home. Her name is S, and shortly she will be baptized.

HAPPYYYYY BIRTHDAY S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder B was telling me about a thing his mom had him do called a date scrapbook. every date he has to take a couple pictures and write who he was with and what they did. The challenge is to do 100 dates before he gets married 50 before the mission and 50 after. He should definitely do it. I decided to do it for the 50 after college.

I got the package it was awesome, I loved the brownish greenish pants, way cool and last night we ate the licorice. delish.

But yeah, we had a great week, I am excited to keep working here. I haven´t decided what to do for 18 months, any suggestions?

ps I have moments when I have missed all of you guys, usually one at a time, but sometimes I just miss chillin as a family. But I am not homesick. just love the fam.

Thank you for taking care of me.

The church is true.
Elder B

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