Tuesday, April 26, 2011

18 April 2011

hey folks.

So to start off this email I would like to ask a question, why is pink lemonade pink? We were trying to figure it out and we honestly have no idea.

Can I just say now that C is a genius, I never would have thought of borrowing a prom dress, perfect.

Then, the bad news. No one came to church. there was a big rain storm on Sunday morning, and there was only like half of the usual attendance in the chapel. It's hard for the people here sometimes, because hardly anyone has a car, so they have to rough it like the 10 blocks to church. I personally arrived all muddy and nasty because we went all around ghettoland trying to get investigators to go to church. Also another Uruguayan tradition is to sleep when it rains. So everyone heard the rain on their tin roofs and decided to turn the alarms off and sleep til noon. Sometimes I think it would be really great to live here. But because of rain and other nonsense we have no baptizm this week.

It sounds like dads talk was pretty good, I'm super happy that G came to church again, way to go elders!

I do have a good story to tell you. The other day we doing contacts and we were in this pretty ghetto neighborhood and this kid invited us in. He was like 16 or 17. I talked to him, just saying we were missionaries, and he was like yeah, uh huh, and then I asked if he would be interested he said yeah. Then I asked if we could come in he said yeah. What?!?!?! teenage kids are supposed to make fun of us! He so directly and without emotion just said yes, come in, that I didn´t know if it was real. Then as we had the lesson with him we asked if there was anyone else in the house that would be interested, he said his mom, and went and got her, then his sister came in then a neighbor came in and then another random guy. In the end, we had five people we were teaching. It was way cool. we had another lesson with them later in the week and we set a baptizmal date with two of the teenagers, the original kid wasn´t home the second time, and then tonight we are going to go talk with them. Pretty stoked. I´m just a little worried about getting them to church, but we´ll pray hard ;) haha.

Bueno, I think that is all,
love you guys
Elder Barry
ps. the pictures are the cooked head of the rabbit G made for us. Then the one with me eating is its tongue, yes sam, I ate rabbit tongue, and then the one of just me is me on my 18 month day. I didn´t do anything to celebrate. It was lame. also it was flipping cold so I wore my underarmor all day and had beanie hair.

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