Monday, September 12, 2011

12 September 2011 38 days but don't tell Barry

That is crazy that C is already gone off to college. I'm glad that cw and k could help her out a bit. I have never met k, but she wrote me once and I already feel like we´re best friends.
This week we worked hard, but I feel like we had little success. Especially since no one went to church. With some of the people we have its amazing that they didn´t come. S on Saturday said she would come but come Sunday she couldn´t because they had to go to Rocha to be with her sister who just found out she had a lung tumor (its not a tumor! name that movie.) {Challenge from Momma Jenny: Name that movie and get a prize!}

Anyways, we set goals to keep the members more informed and to always set real appointments with the people and remind them the night before. I am determined to get baptisms this change, forget it being my last, the branch needs more people and fast.

I have a small trunky thought. My drivers license expired last week, and wasn´t it just a paper that you have to turn in to get it renewed? If possible, could you please look that up for me? 

We made sloppy joes this week. they were good.

We had a good week . Overall we did good things, it was weird not going to changes this week, but we got more work time so its all good. It is weird not being the dl, and I am not used to the new one, I was really liking talking to the zone leaders every night, both elder C (ZL) and I were bummed to not be able to talk every night anymore.
 Well hopefully my pictures get to you,
Every week we have been picking a new attribute of Christ to study and this week I picked faith, I want to study more about Christ and put Moroni's promise into effect, I know that the Book of Mormon is true already, but I also know that a renewed testimony will not only help me but more importantly the investigators.

I love you family. Keep up the good work, and don´t get trunky, it aint over till its over, and then comes the longest plane ride of your life.
 elder barry

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