Monday, March 14, 2011

14 March 2011

Hey Fam,

So i have some bad news. The area president sent an email out to the mission president saying that from ow on missionaries are not allowed to have musical instruments in the house. Soooo.... I´ll probably give it away to a member or someone. but what a bummer. I just feel sorry for other missionaries who spent good money on their instruments. Mine was cheap, luckily. But no worries.

In other news, we went around missioning this week like two loco fools. We ended the week with 6 people who have a baptismal date. Only one lady came to church, it was stake conference and so hardly any members even came. It is a 25 peso ($1.25) bus ticket each way to get there, and some of these people are really poor. Other wards chartered a bus to get there but for some reason our ward didn´t have the budget. Oh well, we´ll get them next time. One lady we are teaching is named C, she is so nice, she has had a rough past, she said she always seems to get put with people with major problems and she helps them out, but the only thing is that she gets personally involved, or rather, their problems start to bum her out and become part of her life. But she is way cool, and when she can we have lessons with her. Her date is the 9th of april. She accepted the date on terms that only if she know for sure that the Book of Mormon is true. But we are way stoked. We have a lesson with her tonight at 8.

So this week my compy and I got along pretty well, I went to a leadership conference, hmm, and we had the time change back. flip. We had stake conference so we got all ready to go and met a member guy and his nonmember friend at the bus stop, at like nine we left for conference that started at ten, but…. Little did the four of us know that it was really only eight in the morning. We stood outside of the chapel for an hour before anyone CAME to open it up. Hahaha. But we got GREAT seats. Well its my companions turn, have a good one!
Love you
Elder B

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