Monday, March 7, 2011

7 March 2011

Wattup folks.

This week was pretty killer, we worked our rumps off and found seven new investigators. We surpassed our goals for lessons with an investigator and less active members, and met the goals for lessons with a member present and new investigators, keep in mind that we didn´t have high hopes for this week seeing that we baptized the sources of most of our lessons the weeks before.

We set a baptismal date with E and E, two older ladies who are super cool, and with S, a guy who we met this week, E and E were able to come to church, but S no. We have a lesson with him and his wife tonight, we are taking a sister from the primary presidency with us so it should be really good (they have a toddler and the sister is about their age.) We were kinda surprised that this sister is coming, she just volunteered out of nowhere yesterday in ward counsel. We were asking for help with specific investigators and all of the men kinda twittered for a sec and she was like, I´ll go! not too shabby.

Yes we do have senior missionaries that come to our ward. They live on the block of the temple like 15 minutes away from our ward boundaries, but they have the assignment of coming here to our troubled ward. Today we went to their house and ate lunch. It was awesome they are like grandparents. We talked in English, ate burgers and had ice cream. and to make it even better I got a letter from grandma and grandpa P and J today, it was a cool card with a pic of the cousins at thanksgiving.

Yeah on Wednesday me and my compy wore matching black ties and I rocked the argyle. We get a pizza that is pretty American with pepperoni or ham and sometimes like peppers or something. delishus. I have called it business time since my first few weeks of being in Guay.

Well thanks for the letters. I love you guys a ton.
elder B

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