Monday, March 7, 2011

28 Feb 2011

Hey fam hows things? We had our baptisms on Saturday, they were tight. Our ward mission leader is a stud, he kinda just fit everything together at the end for us. Because one lady who was going to speak said she couldn´t because she had a headache and the piano player never showed. It helps a lot to have him be a returned missionary, he knows wassup.

We had a pretty good week this week. except for the fact that we lost almost all of our investigators, 2 got baptized, 2 gave up on investigating, and well that is really all of the real active investigators we had. Its good to be back in the city hahaha. Basically we have got to work more with the families of E and J, the kids who were just baptized. Also, we have a guy, D. He came to church yesterday and today invited us to a bbq at his house with a friend of his who might be interested in the church. Should be delish. He is a cool guy, he is gaining a testimony, but doesn´t want to be baptized until he fixes his domestic problemitas.

I can´t believe how many kids are going to Brazil, that is insane! And K and J will definitely end up as comps, and they will like it.

Did it really snow!? lucky... it rained a few days this week and overall the weather was pretty lame, but we are out here having fun. We decided that Wednesdays stink so now we have now coronated Wednesday as pizza night, and we order a pizza. should help, also, Wednesday is business time, so i wear my glasses and business (argyle) socks. In my ward with the beaner like 6 months ago, the whole ward knew that I celebrated Wednesday, so i think I´ll bring it back out here. Now Wednesday is a day to look forward to. I like you guys a lot. Congrats to D for royalty.

Have a great week.
elder B

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