Monday, May 16, 2011

16 May 2011

~After sharing the armadillo pictures with some friends, Barry's dad was told that eating too much armadillo can give you leprosy. He shared that information with Barry and this is his response:
You know, I did notice that my skin was kinda falling off the other day, darn leprosy haha. I read about that in Jesus the Christ (the book) the other day, and did you know that it is not contagious? Everyone ran away because it was written in the Law of Moses that a leper was unclean and they were to be shunned. Fact of the day.

So yesterday we had a little surprise in Sacrament meeting. Right after the sacrement, in walks L, the investigator, the cool lady who is the mom of E, and three of her sisters. so of course I got up, ran across the chapel, and sat with them in the back. Apparently they all found out that the primary kids were singing to the moms. And yes I still have a little Barry left in me, the chapel has tile floor so I slid for like the last 7 feet before the door. They came in, we sat down. They made some racket, then the kids got up to sing. It was really cool, didn´t sound that bad , and at the end the whole row I´m sitting in starts CLAPPING. Yes, full on applause. most of the members understood, yeah they're new, but L´s sisters, the ones who have been members for like 2 years, laughed out loud. I love havoc. Then they turned to me during a talk and said, not that quietly, hey hockobsen, isn´t it supposed to be over? There was still a half hour left. Then, not that quietly, they were like, its boring! Then they told me they had to leave to throw a party for their mom, got up and left. Oh boy. we will do 2 things about that this week. 1: congratulate them for coming, and two: drop massive cane on them about using their church voices and not being punks. Its gonna be weird to parent grown women, but I guess the mission is the place where you do everything...

Also we are going to have the baptism this week, the two ladies had a little more left to learn. and we found two miracles. One is C, he is 11 his mom is a member, less active who wants to come back and he really wants to get baptized, found them knocking doors. And two is D. He is very religious, but disappointed in his current church, so our message is veerrrrrrrrrryyyy interesting to him. He told us he wants to find a church that he can stay with, not have to leave because of false doctrine or bad principles. I almost hugged him. So we invited him to get baptized and he was like, of course!
I love life
love yall fam
have a spankin week
elder b

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