Monday, May 2, 2011

2 May 2011

Hi there face here.
This week was alright, Sunday it was raining buckets and the investigators we went to go pick up couldn´t come, so we were bummed. But after the first hour of church I went over to the Relief Society to check, just for the sake of having a hope, and two of our investigators, E and I were there. They are two older ladies that we have been teaching for a while. They have had multiple dates to get baptized, but had only come to sacrament one time so they have had to wait, but yesterday they came! So the 14th they have their baptism, at 6 in the afternoon, if you guys would like to come. I was super pumped, I looked through the window and I saw them, I literally jumped in the air for excitement. Then we had a really good Sunday school class that me and "the G" team taught. The stake president came, not sure why, but he made some really good comments and the Spirit was super strong. It was good to have a lesson about Christ. often times investigators don´t understand that Christ is the cabeza (head) of the church, so it was about the life of Christ. Perfect.

We are trying to visit the members more and Ireally like it, we gain their trust, have fun, and they often give us food. Last week a family was like, you have no idea how long its been since the missionaries have visited us. Their little eight year old daughter is way cool too, we are going to trade stickers, and bracelets. She is super excited because I have high school musical stickers hahaha.

Well I am super excited to talk to you guys this week, hope you have a great week, enjoy prom beaner.
I love yáll tons.
elder b

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