Monday, May 9, 2011

9 May 2011

We got to talk to Barry on the phone on Mothers Day! It was really great to talk to him. He sounded like he had a cold and said its pretty much a way of life for him there.

He also told us about the pictures you are about to see here. A man they know killed an armadillo and fed it to them for dinner! Yikes. Here's the armadillo ready to be served.Face to face with dinner!
Armadillo tongue. Ugh.

It was awesome to talk to you guys yesterday, the time went by way too fast, but we´re only 5.5 months away from having no time restrictions. haha. Today I feel kinda like garbage but we are pdayin it up anyways, my comp is a little sick too. We be illin.

Well we kinda already talked about everything yesterday, loved the pics you emailed me, its hard to believe that the little kids are now the seniors about to graduate. that bike ride sounded painful, but really fun, I´m super excited to get out there to pound up mountains with yáll.
This week we started to talk with a kid named I, he is the cousin of a recent convert kid. He is really disruptive, but when we talk to him he is reverent and controlled, its crazy. He actually listened. we are a little nervous, because in the past his mother has been rather antimormon, but hopefully this can help her out. We have yet to find her at home, so we haven´t even been able to ask permission yet, but if all goes well, he should be baptized by the end of the month. We also have E, I and L the mom of E. I think L is one of my favorite people here, but its really frustrating because she doesn´t go to church. Her family whenever we leave always say, adios mundo cruel, or goodbye, cruel world. So we always say that with them, so I decided that that would be my last words as I am in the plane leaving Uruguay. hahaEnjoy the pics, have a great week.
Be excellent to each other
love elder barry
adios mundo cruel.

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