Monday, May 23, 2011

23 May 2011

We had a killer week this week. We had further lessons with D, and also his lady E. They both have a date for the 11th of Junio. But we found out that they are not married :(. We´ll have to help them with that. They said that they have been waiting to find the right church to get married in it. So hopefully we can get them hitched before the 11th. The 2 baptisms were going to be E and I, but E isn't going to the interview and I got kinda sick day on the baptism and the bishop said we should wait. We were kinda ticked we thought it would be fine, but as I have been through before, its better to not fight with the leaders, so we are hoping for the 4th of June for them.

C came to church, he had to leave early, but he came with his mom so we are pretty excited. We actually saw quite the miraculous day yesterday in church. We had 7 investigators in church. only 6 for sacrament, but that is a ton. We are pretty stoked. When D and S came in I was so excited! They came in right before the sacrament. We sat next to them in the back row, and it was way cool. They were reverent and honestly payed attention. The ward was way excited too. But I have a nasty cough so I had to leave in the middle of the last song. And I yakked in the baño as they sang and prayed. When I came out, d and e were being greeted by a number of members, it was so cool. I guess the trick to getting the members help is bringing families to church, not disruptive 25 year olds haha. About them, we had a little chat. She said church was boring, we said that your salvation is worth being bored once a week, and that it is usually better and she missed the fun class where we teach. but she didn´t come anyways, for some lame excuse that today she starts work so she was busy and distracted. Whatever. but its all good.
One of them was this guy named G he is the cousin of the ex-bishops wife. He is staying here for a while to do photography, and I think he is trying to find himself. We talked to him afterwords and he seems genuinely interested, also he speaks fluent English :). I am pretty excited for where this guy will go.
All in all I am pretty excited about life. love you guys a lot.
elder b

ps I just got moms email, iIam not the organist, we have a member, I try to play hymns while we wait for stuff, one hand only for now, but sometimes two notes at a time ;). we got a new bishop this week too.

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