Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 May 2011

Hey before i forget here are some pictures, its us at the Ws, the temple, us at L´s house, With G.

Well this week was really good. The baptizm of I, is this coming Saturday, she came to church yesterday, also C is getting baptized.

C is the 11 year old kid I told you about. He has a great story, his mom was inactive but we found her knocking doors a couple of weeks ago, she said that she wanted to return and bring C with her. So they came. But C is really into soccer, and he is good. The only issue is that his team almost always played on Sundays (sound like another kid you know?). We explained that it is important for him to always go to church, and I shared my story about me keeping the sabbath day holy and they shared the this could be his career, and that he would always try to come, but soccer was his thing. That was Saturday. I was like, its your choice, but he needs to take the sacrament, and with my testimony left them.

On Sunday he came, and stayed all of church. At the end we talked to his mom and were like, doesn't he have a game? She was like, yeah, but HE made the decision to keep the sabbath day holy, if coach needs a new player, he´ll have to find someone else. Wow. I was so proud, and felt kind of bad about it. I told him that soccer was not a Sabbath thing, and he didn´t go. I have been cheering for him ever since. That 11 year old kid is a great example for me. I prayed pretty hard that everything would go okay for him, I don´t want this to ruin his soccer career. But I know he made the right choice. God will bless him.

D and S still haven´t found jobs, but they are trying. They are so great and as soon as we marry them they are getting baptized, they said that they want us to be their witnesses. Its hard to be around them a lot because they ask for help, and we can´t really help that much, but we are going to involve the ward.

Also we met this awesome family yesterday. The parents are members, but none of the kids are. All are over 8, but most important, they want to return, and asked for our help. They are the best, they are the Santana family, and yes I did see a guitar in their house, must be relatives.

I love you guysa lot. have a great week.
good job on your bike rides ´rents.
don´t get senioritis C
don´t be trunky family, cuz I´m working until they force me to stop.
elder barry

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Dawn said...

Wow! What a neat letter! sounds really good! Adam entered the MTC today. Can't believe it! lv and xxxxx's