Monday, August 22, 2011

22 August 2011

Hey family.

You'll have bells on? I might just ask for an extension... eight hours in Chile, that stinks, but I´m sure we´ll find someone to talk to haha.

I´m so jealous that you got to see a free concert in the Seattle Center, I saw Macklemore on that same stage, he is the man. That center is full of great memories, like freaklife festival.

We had zone conference this week. it was really good, but made me feel old. I was the oldest missionary there, and two of the sisters were in their last change, so they had to give their testimony in front of everyone. Next change that will be me. Oh boy. Anyways, Pres talked about working with the members, helping THEM share the gospel, you know, the way missionary work is supposed to be done.

Its super fun, new, but fun, and I really feel like it will work. That and I´m gonna be doing a lot of what we are teaching members when I get home in two years. haha. On that note, I have been thinking a lot about what you said about C, how he has been going to church with you guys. Do the missionaries even know? If you don´t think he is ready to listen, you should at least get him around the missionaries a lot. It makes sense in his situation to be nervous about going all out with him, but it sounds to me like he is pretty prepared. he is a super cool kid anyways.

Our week actually went pretty good. We found a family that the missionaries used to teach back in the day and they are awesome. Its a lady with 10 kids. yeah, 10. The only issue is that they live like 5 miles from the church. It was a long day the day we went out for them.

But it´ll definitely be worth it if they start coming to church. they all want to be baptized too.

D and D couldn´t come to church this week because he has kidney stones. Poor guy worked extra hard Friday and Saturday so he wouldn´t have to on Sunday and then he gets sick. She was also sick on Sunday. rrrgg. But they do have the paper work started for their wedding. So at least one concern is getting taken care of. Keep praying for them, they need all the help they can get.

I´m super jealous that you guys are going to ride in Yellowstone.

Sounds like a blast, they let you right? probably.

Well i love you guys a lot.

No I do not shave 1 leg anymore. Sorry if that disappoints you.

elder B

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Jaci said...

Can't believe Elder Barry is coming home next month! Did that go by fast to you guys? We were all talking the other day and just couldn't believe that next month is already THE month. Wow! What a wonderful, powerful missionary he is. Great job, Barry!
It's been so fun reading his emails. Thank you so for sharing them with us. We miss you, Jacobsen family! Loves loves loves from here!