Monday, August 9, 2010

13 July 2010 Changes

Hey mom, hahaha you are my real mom

Sounds like trek was a blast, I'm so jealous... well, I got changed. Pretty exciting, but it was rough saying goodbye to everyone yesterday. It was my goal to still do 20 contacts during the day, because that is the mission goal, and we did it, so I was happy, because usually change day we just go around and say goodbye to everyone without tracting. I am trying to work hard, so it was a good day.

My new comp is from Ecuador, he seems really cool and we have a baptism this Saturday. the area seems like it should be pretty sweet, but it is known for being kind of dangerous.
Elder T, my brother in the mission, is training, he meets his greeny today, that is so crazy!
Thank you for passing that reference, hopefully she will be receptive, or even live at that same house.

That is so awesome that you are working with the missionaries, that takes guts, but families that are friends with and help the missionaries are super awesome so keep it up mama.

So thanks for the recipes, I am excited to try them out. I heard that the blog has had a long time of nothingness, could you please copy over a couple emails, I´ll try to write better in the future.

I love you ton
Elder Barry
be excellent to each other

Hey C, I wrote you a big long one last week, but I don´t think it worked, here it is.

Wow CH leaves really soon, and DL right afer my one year birthday haha. That is so awesome that you went all out for EFY, I wish I had payed more attention, but hey, I got the CWA from EFY so i am pretty stoked about that. I loved it when my company was close like that, it made EFY 10 times funner.

I´ll look up the Mosiah verse, I love the Mosiah 18 though, we found it in the mtc and all fell in love with it, I have totally used it in lessons here, the best eva.

How was the 4th? We had a bbq in our house and watched my illegal copy of toy story 3 that I bought on the street a few days ago. It was in Spanish, but all the words on signs and subtitles when buzz speaks Spanish were in Russian, super funny, and I totally understood all the Spanish, it was funny because the whole movie was in Spanish, so that part didn´t change.

Well, love you tons, tell kessin I love him
Elder Barry

Well it wasn´t that long, but have a great week kiddo, also, look up La Zorra on you tube, its what all the kids listen to here, all the songs are really similar, the music style is called cumbia.
love you

Hey Dad

Ahh!!! the STP is this week that is so crazy!!!! Sounds like trek was the cats pajamas.
We have to pay utilities on the apartment, but the are reimbursable, and we are in charge of finding a house, but prez has to approve it.

I got transferred. Sounds pretty awesome, my comp is a kid from Ecuador. my area is supposed to be pretty successful, which should be nice, because the people were pretty harsh here in my last area.

Utah and Colorado in the PAC10, haha that's hilarious, I hope they get stomped on, it's funny how BYU stayed, they are going to kick butt in the mtn west, slaughterhouse...

That is so cool to be sharing the gospel, that is something I really wish I would have done more of back home, its super awesome for you guys to do that, and blessings come when you share the gospel, I have seen that sooo much on the mission, obviously that's not why you do it, but it's definitely worth it.
I love you dad
elder Barry

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