Monday, August 9, 2010

19 July 2010 Why I'm here


So my new area is Montevideo, the real stuff, in the intercity, pretty tight stuff. We are in a specific area, whatever it is, but its legit Montevideo, all of the addresses are Montevideo, not even a suburb, woohoo?

I have heard the people are really rough here, but we already had a baptism on Saturday and have one other guy with a baptismal date but they only had like 3 investigators when I got here, so we´ll see how it works. We did find 5 new people to teach last week, and one more this morning, so we might just blow the area up. Look out world... so far I like this place a lot, they have lots of activities, with treats, we even had treats after the baptism. but the font took 6 hours to fill up, because its winter time I guess the water heater is super slow. Lucky the lady, is really short haha, just kidding.

Aww you get to go to girls camp, that's cute... I love duct tape bag making, I have taught a few missionaries how in my time, the only thing is the lack of duct tape in this country, hint hint?

Way to go on the STP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like it was pretty painful, 12.5 hours is a long time for one butt to sit. Were you alone most of the time, or did you suck wheel? I loved hooking on to groups last time. I better start training to be able to keep up with you in 2 years.

Whoa Mom got the cool kid class calling in Sunday School, I was in that class for almost 4 whole years, I got put in early and then held back I guess, but it was awesome, and Mom will do great. Kids love Mom.

Its so awesome that you guys are sharing the gospel, especially with D, he is awesome and would make a great member of the church, hopefully the missionaries can handle him hehe.

The church es verdadero dad, I know it.
I love you

Hi mom
The new area is way cool, but super confusing, its huge, and the blocks aren´t square so I am lost a good amount of the time, good thing its not another whitewash... but the members are awesome, now that we are in the real city, Deo, the contacts are rather rough, but the members are cool and want to help, so I´m pretty stoked. this ward has a few places we go when we have nothing else, but so far I have no mother, but LP kinda mothered me out a little bit, oh yeah, P says hi. the baptism was really good on Saturday, the only issue was that it took 6 hours to fill the font, so we did our weekly planning session in the chapel.
Thanks for the warning on the rules, here the rule is that it has to be a priest to go on exchanges, but an adult to go into the house of a woman, does that make sense? Like to have dinner they need the Dad or we need to bring an adult member with us.
One day STP, that is insane, I don´t know if I could ever do that. when I get back, we should do it with the Brother F, that would be way fun.
JJ is going to church!?! I love that kid soooo much, we were buds at work, I hope he likes it, what a stud. Thanks for telling me. That is so cool that people are starting to be interested at work, I mean I knew people loved me, but not that much hahahaha jk
Yeah I am pretty bad at the Bible too, but I started to read the New Testament, its interesting, but I know what you mean, its rough to be outscriptured by someone from another faith and its easy to doubt, but a prophet once said that the most powerful answer is one from the Spirit, and all they have is logic, and the Bible is rather unclear at times, so logic only takes you so far. Without answers to prayers and miracles we are lost in the dark...
The time when I officially decided to go on a mission, I always knew I was going to go on a mission since forever, but I think Camp Helaman was really the time in which it all became real, they better keep doing that, that's really what brought our stake´s priests together, and it was super fun too.
I have had a few experiences when I have KNOWN that the church was true, one, I remember, was at youth conference, when we sang the EFY medley I almost started balling, because I just knew it, I felt the Spirit so strong that I couldn´t deny it... I have loved that song ever since,,,
Well, i love you lots, I turned 9 months old this week :) have an awesome week

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