Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 9, 2010

Yay JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That kid is a stud!!!

Rush concert, lucky... moving pictures is by far the best album I say, its got all the classics, I´m just surprised that all three of them can keep going like this, without heart attacks or killing each other, but they are pretty holy guys, maybe the 3 nefites hehe.

I can´t believe 20 years is so close, I don´t want to be old, I'd rather just still be 19 after the mission too. Thanks for sending packages, you guys are great.

That's so cool that my friends are leaving for the mission so soon, but then again, I hit 10 months soon, that's nuts, I guess we had to grow up at some point, we were like the three amigos for years.

We played soccer on a full-sized field today, it might have been the first time I have enjoyed soccer since elementary school, but it was actually fun.

So with the whole obedience thing, its a fight against the natural man, its a rule that we can´t open letters until pday, Monday, and they were given to us on Tuesday, before I always just opened them, no biggie, but last week I waited, torture. Pure torture, I hated us but it made the letters 10 times better. Obedience pays, often it sucks, but it pays, we are supposed to obey because we want to, rough, so I am faking it until I make it, we´ll see what happens.

Me and my comp are doing good, I am learning to just try to show patience, hopefully the Lord will help me because I have issues.

As for the area, we just found out that these two daughters of an inactive member come to primary on their own, and they are over 8 and not baptized, so hopefully we can help the family out. This week we are going to visit the family with the primary president. Also, our bud who dances break dance is getting baptized the 28th. He is so cool, and knows all about American rap, so I gave him names of Seattle rappers to you tube haha. He is super cool and has beastie boys.

love you


yyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to email today because I was so excited to hear about the triathlon!!!
you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so awesome mom!!! I was cheering you on like a mad man!

That is so cool about J, he is a super cool kid. I loved working with that fellow.

I love hearing about people back home doing missionary work.

That is so nuts that my friends are all leaving, it makes me so excited, and I know that C will do just fine, he was always an example for me in everything.

That would be so cool to play the efy medly with S when I get home.

So this week was pretty good, our numbers were bad, but I am going to push this week, either way, i am working on improving...

Our awesome investigator D is getting a wedding date this week!! She lives with her boyfriend for now, but once they get married she can get baptized, her kids got baptized, and her testimony is awesome, I am stoked to see her swimming, haha. She is so ready, minus the marriage it is ridiculous, she has come to church for a while now...

Well i love you...

peace out girl scout,

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