Monday, August 2, 2010

Overall, like the best day ever. 7 June 2010

Title of email from home: Haven't you ever gotten the Led out? Robert Plant, AC/DC, Motorhead, ahhh what do they teach you in this place?

School of Rock School of Rock School of Rock!!!!!
Best movie ever, I heard that they are making a sequel....

It was really hard to hear D and J, especially since we had brought an hermana with us to all of the visits and the kids were becoming friends and all was fine and dandy and perfect, but es lo que hay. That's what Guayans say for it is what it is.

We found this super awesome investigator recently named G, and he is legit. He was just kinda always searching for religion, because he believed in God, but never really joined up anywhere. It sounds like he has had it kind of rough lately, but he is super nice and interested. We found him on a Saturday night at like 7:00 or 7:30 in the pouring rain. It was already dark, and freezing cold, basically at that point, life stunk. We really had nowhere else to go, so we were knocking doors down the street when we clapped outside of a house on the corner. Turns out we were at the back door, but he came out and directed us around and just let us right in, so awesome. We talked about the Restoration for like 30 minutes, and he had tons of questions, not just random stupid questions, but questions that were important, so we taught; thought, he is cool, then left.

Then last Saturday I came by, because he had been busy all week, with our district leader Elder H, and we just talked with him. It started with asking if he read the pamphlet, and then he just started talking about it. It was super spiritual, we explained the importance of the Book of Mormon, and the fall of Adam and Eve. I taught about the fall, and explained it more clearly than I ever had before, even in English, and as we were talking, all four of us were learning through the spirit, and dang, I didn't want to leave... but we did and you could tell it really meant something to him. i felt great, then we had interviews for B and G, they both passed, and while H did those I played computer with all the little cousins. He finished and came in and was like, Elder, how old are you!!?? I was like "callate la boca que el juego es divertido". But he just laughed and we went on our way. Super great night...
Overall, like the best day ever. (translation from Jenny: Shut your mouth that game is fun.)
Love ya
Elder Barry

The baptisms went through and it was way tight. The bishop baptized one of them and the young men's president the other. My comp is sending a pic I hope. One of the kids B didn´t show up until like 625 and the baptism started at 6. His grandma was like, oh he probably just forgot. ahhh! Not what I wanted to hear. But he was just late he had to take the bus...

Yesterday our next door neighbor received his mission call to Ecuador! He was super excited, he has waited like 2 or 3 months to recieve his call, he cried in sacrament meeting. He said in his testimony that everyone has their time, and everyone has their angel, and he hopes to be the angel for many people these two years. That hit me hard, he is so pumped, I think I was more excited for him than I was for myself. He leaves in August.

Anyways, alls well here, sending picture cards home this week I promise.
love you
elder barry

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