Monday, August 2, 2010

24 May 2010

Hey Mamma!
That's so cool about DC it sounds like it was a ton of fun!

This week was way awesome. We walked soooo much though. the goal for the zone was to get lessons with a member present, so every night we called members in the ward to come out with us to our lessons the next day. It was so much fun, and now lots of our investigators have a friend. I also doubled my old record of lessons with a member present in one week.

There is this family in our ward the R's, who are way cool. They all live in the same area too. They have just like half a block of houses of just them. They are on two different streets with all of the back yards connected if that makes sense. But they are all so cool. I was on exchanges with the district leader and we walked down their street and all of the kids ran up to say hi and shake our hands, it was so cool. they have like a huge army of children, so the kids are never bored, they just play with each other. The other day we played tag with them for a second, and i swear there was like 25 kids!!!

Also, the two kids didn´t come to church this week so we have to postpone the baptism, I don´t think they are ready, they are good kids, so they´ll get there, we just need to work with them more...

Well i love you tons mom.
elder b

Hey Pops,

I was teaching my comp some Ebonics this week, must have been some kind of brain connection thing we have.

This week was a lot better than last one, we had 16 discussions with a member present. it was the goal for the zone to get lots, so we called members every night to help us the next day. It was way cool working with members, and it also helped the investigators to realize that Mormons are normalish people, sometimes. We had an investigator lady come to church today who is super awesome, her name is L, and she is basically already a member, just she has to get married. but she said that she went to Deo to do the papers this week, so things are rolling, I am way pumped to see her baptized, because she will be an awesome member in our ward. we also had a lesson with her in the chapel after church yesterday, with a member lady, and the member lady kinda laid it out flat on her the importance of getting married, and the importance of being baptized and a member, it was so awesome, and having it come from a member was so much more meaningful, I think it actually might happen.

Also our other unmarried investigator A has a marriage date set up with the court for I think June 16th, wooyeah, I think we'll baptize her around the 25th.

But our superstar investigators are D and J, they ARE married and way accepting to the gospel, could you guys please keep them in your prayers, we talked about baptism with them during this last week and they totally seemed down with it. The only thing is that she smokes, so we have to work on that, but I have faith in her, but more in the power of God.

yay mission!
love you a lot.

hey C, I haven´t written K yet, but just you wait...

Elder C is way cool, I love him and its totally cool if you marry him I think he sent you a pic. Anyways, I am super out of time today sorry(canadian accent)... tell K I'm working on a super good letter for her this week, so just prepare yourself...
I love you tons, sorry you have rabies hahaha. Myth, 4 people die every year of rabies in the US, fact, 5 people die every year of rabies in the US. look out crazy. dude school is almost out that is so crazy, tell folks hi!!
peace out
Elder Bronson

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