Monday, August 2, 2010

June 1, 2010

Wow girl pants!!!!!

Thats amazing that you're going to hi-cap, tell Mrs. S. hi for me!!!

I am doing awesome, those two boys we were teching, G and B are ready for baptism and we are going to visit to have the baptism this Saturday at 6 my time. One of them is 14 and the other is 12. They are super cool, also I get to stay with the Elder C for 6 more weeks!

Hey parents!

This is to both cuz the computer is stupid and freaking out so now I have no time.

Soooo, last night something not so great happened. my comp and I fasted during this last week so that D and J could receive an answer if the Book of Mormon is true, and so yesterday we went to their house and they came out to meet us instead of just letting us in.

They broke up with us. They said that we can come over any time, like we're great friends, but they donエt want to talk about the church any more. He felt like he just couldnエt keep steadily doing the commitments and she had quite the story. She read on saturday night, and then woke up Sunday with the urge, the big urge to go to church. Way cool right? But she interpreted it as the community church around the corner. I didn't think that could happen. She got her answer, she knew the gospel was true, but she totally took it wrong and now our way cool family isn't interested in the true church. At least she got her answer, and I know sometime in the future they'll realize, but for now, they invited us to their little girls baptism in 2 weeks...

On a happy note B and G, the kids are way ready and their baptism is on Saturday, wooo
and my bank card works again, I got a scarf and a beanie today.

Love you tons
Elder Barry

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