Thursday, August 26, 2010

24 Aug. 2010 New Compy

Hey Pops

Glad you made it home, I got a new compy today, his name is Elder P, a Mexican American, with a soninlaw named Jeff haha

My new comp is a stud. Same age in the mish as I am, but he was only in the MTC 3 weeks. So I rode to Argentina on the plane with him.

The work is FLYING!!!! We had 8 investigators in church last week, and 5 get baptized this Saturday at 430, you are invited haha. Only 3 of them are technically converts, because their families are members, just we are helping out the ward to get them ready, but 3 baptizms, stoked I am. Then we have 2 people with baptismal dates in September already, I am so excited

Well, be excellent to each other, NO STAIRWAY!!!!

Sorry this has got to be short today we are late late late.
I have to go practice guitar with the ward for the activity for Independence day tomorrow. You should probably listen to the Uruguay Himno Nacional tomorrow to celebrate with me.

I am so excited for C
That is so cool you went to Great America, lucky.

I love you
I wrote Chris an email, make sure he reads it.

My new comp came to South America with me in the plane, Elder P, he is awesome.
I love you
I wish I could've gone to Corvallis with yáll.
I am learning how to tejer, I think that is knit in English, from a sister in the ward, it's the one with yarn but 2 needle things.

Life is good here in the hood
I love you

One of our baptisms is named L, he is 28 and used to smoke weed. He didn´t used to want anything to do with the church, but now is pretty into it. He is the guy who will just tell you what he thinks, and always has an opinion. But he is awesome, next week I´ll send a pic of his graffiti he does hehe, his graffiti is Malon, or like superbad in Spanish. the best.

We have a six elder district, and all of us are under a year in the mission, we met our district leader in the MTC, he is only one change older than us.
I am so excited for this transfer, its nuts.

I love you tons mom
Talk to you next week.

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