Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 2, 2010 Interchanges...

Mother of mine,
Elder Y loves you guys.

I would like to start off by saying that that was probably the longest email I have ever received in my whole life. But it was a good one... I can´t believe you are almost at the triathlon, that's nuts!!!!

So we had a pretty good week this week, I had an interchange in my area with Elder Y on Tuesday, it was rough, because I was super newish so I really didn´t know where I was going, but it all worked out, and it helped me unwind to be able to speak English. I didn´t realize it, but it is really stressful to speak another language all the time. But after the interchange me and my comp got along a lot better.

We got new ward missionaries this last week, two young adults, and they are both studs!!! I am so excited, on Saturdays we get together with them and teach them the lessons, and now I want to take them out with us so they can learn what we do all day long, plus the investigators will have a friend too. Its a pretty cool thing, it would have been awesome to have been a ward missionary before.

I found shoes in my house!!!! They fit too! They are flipping gnarly slip on churchy shoes, think Michael Jackson, but with black socks. They are my Wednesday shoes now hehe.

For pants, just working pants because I wear the whole suit to church, unless you find a super cheap suit, but I doubt that. my suit pants are good, I just need more to work in, and the same size is perfect still, I am not as fat as i was in 33. I saw a picture of me and I was so marshmallow club.

I am so proud of Chris i could jump up for joy and shout so loud he´ll hear me.

I love you so much you are the best mama eva
Elder B

Hey Pops,
Me and my comp are doing quite a bit better now, we had an interchange this week, so I got to speak English for a day, and he got to be with his MTC comp, that really de-stressed things a lot.

Speaking of patience, the other day in a lesson I was starting to get peeved at this investigator´s mom, so I asked to go to the bathroom. I said a prayer in the bathroom to be able to not explode. She had been rambling about the United States, usually that stuff doesn´t bother me at all, I just say to myself, "Self, this person is talking just to talk, to make Guay sound better and I just agree with them to save my neck. Because if I get pro-America I am a punk with a big ego. So after the prayer I was able to just sit down and take it.

Traffic laws don´t get followed here for anything its a little freaky sometimes but you get used to it.

I am so proud that he jumped off the bridge, I actually wimped out when I went on that trip.

That is so cool that you guys are helping the missionaries out, I wish I had done more of that, and I definitely will when I get home, it was super fun the couple times that I did.

I am totally seeing ways that the mission is helping me grow up (a little) and how it will help me out, but I am sure I don´t even know the half of it.

Thanks for the letter
peace love and granola
Elder Barry

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