Thursday, August 26, 2010

16 August 2010

Hey Mom,

So this last 3 weeks there has been this less active guy who has come to church, named P. he speaks English, therefore fell in love with me. He had his arm around me almost all of Sunday School and was just talking talking talking during the sacrament. Then some lady turned around and in English said, let him partake of the sacrament in peace! I was so proud of her and so relieved.

Well there goes the random story for the week hahaha.

That's super fun about Cali.

Well I have like no time today sorry, but life is a lot better than a week ago. Thank you for your words. We found this guy in the rain this week named A. he is so cool, I started to talk to him and he was just like "Come in." Then he turned on a bible movie and we gave him the restoratioon lesson, completely ignoring his movie haha. But he is legitamately interested, the only problem is that he has like n0 time. He even told us he doesn´t know where to find the true church, so of course we shared Joseph Smith and it was super spiritual. we ended with a song, "Families can be together forever," and he brought out his guitar and I played it (decently, I only messed up like 5 times.) sweet. Pray for him prease.
I love you mom
Elder B

Thank you a ton for that email Dad.

But... this week was a million times better than last week. We had good numbers, found 4 people who are ready for baptism, and got along for a good 75 percent of the time.

Sorry I unloaded on you last week, I am doing fine now, the pictures are getting sent today!!!! Hopefully they don´t get stolen in the mail. I still have to copy the recent ones onto a cd, but the package will be sent off today or tomorrow.

Sounds like Cali is super fun, wish I could be there. Its still cold here... woo.
On the 28th we have 2 baptisms, L and R, R is 8 and super awesome, his family minus father are all members and his brother is going to baptize him, I am super excited.

Well, I love yáll have a great time in California.
ps We usually get introduced in church, but never like new members, and then usually we have to go up front as the new missionary and tell about ourselves and bear our testimony. Super scary on my first week in Uruguay.
Love you

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