Tuesday, August 10, 2010

July 26, 2010 Pushing through

Hey Bro,
C is already leaving?!?!?! holy cow!!! I feel so old!!! It's so weird to have everyone over there be growing up because for me its still October over there... but C and A already finished a year of school, the kids a year younger are going off to college, dang, so weird... where is C going???

Yep, Montevideo is the capital, its huge... my area is kinda in the outskirts, but innercity pressure baby (PS flight of the concords has a song called intercity pressure) being in the city is a little different, but our ward is pretty big, there are a lot of people and lots want to help us out with the work.

Its so different from Treinta y Tres, my first area, there, some of the kids had never even seen an airplane, except the one time an emergency one flew over, but here we see planes, big jetters fly by all day long hahaha.

My comp is pretty cool, he is super proud of being from Ecuador, its funny, he always points out cool things about his country. He has said multiple times while showing me pictures (in Spanish haha) that he doesn´t have to be jealous of Uruguay because they have just as cool stuff in Ecuador, I just laugh to myself.

I can´t believe the parental units let you watch a whole season of 24, that is so crazy, I am so jealous. Its awesome to hear that you and T are still tight, he is a good friend to all. The canoe trip should be awesome, I loved mine, are you doing it at Lake Ross? That place was super tight...

Talk at you later.
elder B

Hey Parents,
I would like to start this email off with a grand idea... some of my pants are beginning to wear out, because we do a buttload of walking, so I was thinking, could you guys go thriftstore shopping (they don´t have those here) and send me some pants. I don´t need amazing suit pants any day other than Sunday, because only like half the roads are paved in some areas, and I am really bored of the same 5 pairs of pants I wear every day.

Now, story time... this last Saturday my companion and I were out tracting, doing contacts, and he was like, man, I have no urge to work at all today. Everyone was just kinda being bummerlike, basically life was going badly... but I said, something that I learned from my trainer is that when you have no urge to work, it means that you need to work harder, and something else I learned, with my last companion is that when the work is the hardest, that is when the best people are found, he once told me, investigators found on rainy days are always the best new investigators. The day he told me that we found two amazing investigators... so then me and my comp kept working, knocking doors, and then we decided to knock a house and this lady just came out and invited us in... I thought she was a member, she was so excited to see the missionaries. Turns out she was an old investigator who had just never progressed, we had such a spiritual lesson, talking about the restoration of the fullness of the truth and authority, she started to get emotional in the end, and I am so excited to go back now, it was just what we needed in my comps time of depression. We were given a little push to keep us going. my comp later told me that he had been praying for help when she came out.

The church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a bum that Contador, he should feel like garbage for winning like that, but if he had stopped he would have felt bad too, if he had let another guy win because he was too nice, that is a situation number 1, lose lose situation.

That is so cool about girls camp, I just figured anyone could duct tape, but it must be a family gift, that's what I´ll do for a living! Sell duct tape stuff at Folk Life Festival!!! Talk about living the high life. I could buy myself a big two bedroom tent to live under the bridge with!!!

Me and my comp, well, most of the time we get along, the only thing is that Latinos as a whole, tend to be suuuuper blunt. If you do something stupid, they let you know, it is going to take me awhile to get used to. We pretty much always speak Spanish, like 99.9% of the time, so I´ll probably leave this area thinking all in Spanish, right now i am kinda 50/50 in between the two. like today we talked to an English teacher, and doing a contact in English was hard... but I guess that's good, Spanish is what is important right now. haha

Well, love you a lot
have a great week

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