Monday, August 9, 2010

July 5, 2010 Winter holidays in Uruguay

Hey Dad

The game was super intense at the end, was the hand ball to save the goal all over ESPN, or was it just like always where nobody cares about the world cup? That was insane... people went so crazy after the game, it was getting dark, and everyone was in the streets yelling, parading, and honking horns, and everyone had firecrackers. It was so crazy outside that we went in our house to hide from it for a little bit because it was just all a big party. Now Guay plays against Holland tomorrow, we´ll see what happens, should be quite the match.

Also, everyone was pretty stoked that Argentina got schooled the other day 4 to 0, and their star player was clowning Uruguay before the game, it was a proud moment for Uruguayans everywhere.

I´m glad you went to boom city, that is an important tradition to have with the family... also good to get way more than your moneys worth as well, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

Lately my health has been great, I think all it took was for me to get really sick to be able to be healthy. The only thing is that I have allergies, but I always have allergies. Spanish is coming along pretty well, it really helps to have a Latino comp, but I think that we´ll probably get separated next week in changes because we have been together for two changes already, that was fast. But we pretty much always speak Spanish in the streets and even the members have told me my Spanish has gotten better, mostly it has just gotten easier to say what i want to say... sometimes I still get tripped up, but that happens in English too.

Thats so cool that K and D get to chill this week, and that its the trek; that should be pretty tight.

So I have news. we officially got kicked out of our house. we have been looking for a new house for a while but on Saturday we got a call from the zone leaders saying that we had to get out on Monday, so today we got up and moved out all of our stuff to the other elders` house, so now we are living with 6 elders in a 4 elder house, and the other two went farther across town. the agency for renting houses is closed until the seventh, so we are stuck here at least until then... awesome!!! Right now we take a bus into our area in the morning and back at night, woohoo.

Well that is what is going on in the life of Elder Barry, they are in their 2 week winter vacation, so no one was home this week, we walked a looooooot. I came home wiped out a few times this week.

Love you
Elder Barry

Hey Mama

Yesterday we had a Guayan asado, bbq, in our house... so delicious, I bought just over 1 kilogram of meat and it was only like 4 dollars, I was so stuffed.. no fireworks, but we had a blast. then this morning we had to move out of our house, because the landlady is lame so we are living with other missionaries for now, 6 in a house. cool beans. so I got a letter today from AH, i was like NO WAY!!!!! Super cool, but I don´t remember how old she is. So it was pretty fun, good thing we got a good member with a huge truck.

That is so cool that S is like Barry, because Barry is a good person to be, nah, I am proud to look like S does, he is a cool dude.

So I have a request... could you give me the recipes for crepes, Rhonda's chocolate sauce and whipped cream? I feel like I need more sugar hahaha, just kidding they sounded good. I checked my weight and I am back down to about where I was, or wanted to be, when I left, so I feel good again.

Also, my bday is coming soon... this is awkward, but what about an English hymnal, new tennies, or Christmas music? umm, they don´t have root beer, mountain dew, or cream soda here, and American candy!!!!!!! Also my poor tennis racket has no strings in my closet, and I feel its pain... that's random. I flipping don´t know what to say because I don´t like asking for stuff that much. I love you!!!

I am super excited for C too, he is going to be an amazing missionary! What a lucky kid hehehe.

The work is moving, just very slowly... we had a hard week, it's vacations here and nobody is home, so we just had to do a lot of contacts, but we found a way cool 18 year old kid, J, he is so awesome. Well I love you a ton mom

Elder Barry

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