Wednesday, August 4, 2010

21 June 2010 Sick in bed

Hey Dad,

Well, the week started out awesome, I was sick in bed for 2 and a half days...
I think I had strep. I had to call the area doctor in Argentina and he prescribed me these weird pills, and I had to gargle Listerine, I wanted to punch someone that stuff is evil.

But, the next door neighbors are members, so they let us come over and watch the guay game while I was sick and they gave us food too. Best ever. It was a good game, but a couple of the guayans are bigtime actors, C was getting really excited, but I kinda just wanted to sleep, or die.

But we still got our 140 contacts for the week, that was a miracle. Also i got a jersey, it was only like 10 bucks, and a backpack, that was a little more, but it will last, its a jansport, and it has a guarantee.I think I am always sick because... hmmm I have no idea, it might just be our freezing cold house or the crappy water, or a couple people have cats, but its not allergies, its like a constant cold and sore throat.

Ohh well, we found a lady who is way cool, her name is N and she looks just like Sister T, she is pretty excited about the whole thing, but still hasn´t made it out to church...

Hey i also have a reference for missionaries in our area, she is my friend from work, I don´t know if she still lives there, but if she does awesome. She might not be super open, but if they say Barry sent her she´ll definitely listen... she had a bunch of questions about the church and I figured it would be better if she got a live person to answer them... could you give that to the missionaries to pass over? thank you
I love you a ton.
Elder Barry

P is alright, she didn´t get operated on yet, but she is awesome. We visited her Sunday morning, and she was sewing away, so I stole her sewing stick thing and she whacked me with it. I love that lady. It had been like a week since I saw her and she was like, yay! I thought you had died! And she calls the bug in her stomach her little baby, hahaha.

I don´t think we have mold, it might just be that we live in a cave, and its super cold at night, I have a million blankets, but I still have to breath the air in... I don´t know, I was just in bed for 2 days last week and felt like crap again today, hopefully my body will adjust.

That is so cool that the kids had a pool party, I miss the group, but the mission is better so ha!

So we have an investigator who shared the Book of Mormon with her friend, it was a super cool thing, because her friend wanted to know if little kids should get baptized (no!!) and so, the investigator showed her in Moroni 8 where it answers that, super exciting..
Well, I gotta go I love you. peace
Elder Barry

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Kara Lohberg said...

I'm surprised those shoes still live!

Thanks for updating this!!!