Monday, August 2, 2010

14 June 2010

Hey Momma
The boys came to church yesterday, they are so funny. One of them got there part way through sacrament meeting super sweaty, I think he rode his bike, sprinting all the way. Then he kept asking me questions, but we would have to shhh him every 10 seconds because his voice would keep getting louder and louder. They just come, and it is like 2 milesish from their house, their grandma is a member but has only come the week they got ordained. but they and they´re 12 year old sister always come, knock on wood.Hey, for the missionaries, I want to know lingo. What do they call a missionary who just does whatever, who doesn´t follow the rules for anyone (Screw)... Also, a girl that flirts with missionaries (snake). If they are under 15 they are a worm hahaha... What about a really boring elder who just works super hard and has no personality (robot)... Also tell them the church is true.

I can´t believe you guys got a pool! That is crazy..

Oh yeah, P, she gets stomach surgery this week, could you keep her in your prayers. but she was pretty excited to have you on facebook, the thing is that hardly anyone has internet in their own house, they have to go to a cafe place, so there are lots here.

Hey, I feel like garbage today, so I kinda just wanna go home and sleep, sorry. pretty much the whole time I have been here I have been at least kind of sick, it really stinks, I would blame my last comp, elder B 2 but he was way too cool to blame for something so lame, I miss that kid...

I love you
elder Barry

Almost everything was closed during the game, and tracting was hopeless. we ended up having a lesson with an investigator lady, because she doesn´t like futbol, but her husband and son were watching it in the same room, therefore, we got to see the final minutes, super intense... guay got outplayed, but were able to hold them back, I was pretty impressed, France is way good...

Sorry, I feel like crap, this is going to be short today... in the pictures with the latinos,I was on my tiptoes, hahaha, but they are suuuuper short. My comp is like the shortest in the mish, we converted it the other day and he is 5 foot 2, almost. Also, i am just under 5 foot 11, yeah baby.

For food, an elder in my house buys a buttload of alfajores because they come with world cup cards, so we get to eat them, also, I am on a big oatmeal kick, super easy and way cheap. good thing I had mom´s recipe for it!!!

Me and my companion are pretty close, sometimes our humor doesn´t click, but we get over it. He is hilarious, mostly we´re happy together, I am not looking forward to change day, so I guess that's a good thing.

I love you tons, sorry my emails stunk today
peace love and toaster streudel
Elder B

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David B. Farstead said...

mmmmmmm.....alfajores. I just ordered a box last week. Bagley Negro. Should be here in a couple of days with my yerba mate. Que Bueno!